October 14, 2012

Words of the Week


Back - in good old Germany. Still not settled in, though, as I have to admit. This blog is still a crazy mess - so much to catch up on, bot also so little time!

Books - I'm SO behind on reading. I've read like...two books so far this month. In addition to that I put even more pressure on me by bringing home tons of library books that I need to finish before October ends - as I said, it's a mess!

Moving - I am. Moving, I mean. Or I should be once this week's Thursday comes around. The good thing is it's only a five minute walk to our new apartment. The bad thing is that I STILL have to carry more than 200 books. Oh yippieh!


The Casual Vacancy - which I've read while I was in Poland...different, oh yes, but I liked it. Not as much as I liked Harry Potter but to that I have to say that if TCV was an epic 7-books series with accompanying epic movies maybe I would love it as much as HP :)

Reckless 2 - by Cornelia Funke just came out in Germany a few weeks ago...and I'm so hesitant if I should read it. I remember liking Reckless, but not being oh-so-thrilled by it. Anyone thinking of reading the English version when it comes out?

And the new books I got this week? Nada! And I'm quite proud of that...but maybe I can show you one of the library books I got...

 which is Going Bovine by Libba Bray

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