October 21, 2012

Sweet Evil Read Along Week 3


My Thoughts:
Um...still not a lot better than last week. I expected way more. It's just that there was all the hype and I'll admit that it's somehow different and it's a super quick read, but...I don't see the epicness. Plot and characters don't impress me. As you can see I'm pretty disappointed. Still. I'll keep reading and hope for an outrageous ending :)

This week's task: Truth or Dare

I used to always choose dare. Not because I minded telling my deepest secrets (my friends pretty much knew everything about me anyway) but because I thought it was fun. Then I came to a new school. On one of the first birthday parties I went to my new friends dared me to tell my friend's mom I loved her. And I had to pretend I was a man, smoking a cigarette. I still hate thinking about it. I was so embarrassed!

Another truth about me? I suck at html and everything that has to do with blog design. Which again sucks because I'd love to spice my blog up a little bit. I'd love to learn how to do that but I just don't know where to start :/

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