October 09, 2012

Sweet Evil Read Along: Week One


Chapter One - Nine:
Pages 1 - 121
Theme: Road Trip - You choose. Examples, what would you pack and why, your playlist, your dream road trip or road trip games.


First off: I'm super late on this because of my Poland trip. I only finished the first 121 pages on Monday evening so that's why I'm posting now...
My thoughts? Not bad. The premise is great. The writing style doesn't stand out to me, but it doesn't bother me, either and I do find the characters and their decision-making process a bit...flat, but that might change as I read on. Overall, I don't get the hype just yet, but chances are I will later :)

And on to the this week's topic:

What I NEED to have on a road trip:

Mints - because I hate that weird taste you get in your mouth after some time

A million bottles of Diet Pepsi - because I love to drink it and it keeps my mood up. Before I went to Poland Diet Coke was the only kind of soda I'd drink and I'd only allow myself to have it when I'm away from home...now I've been back for four days and 'm still not drinking anything but Diet coke...

Fresh fruit - because I hate consuming a ton of junk food on the trip, it makes me feel bloated and tired.

Two physical books and my Kindle - because - duh! - I love to read and because I'm such a moody reader that I need a variety of stories.

My Ipod and Phone - for music and audiobooks.

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