November 25, 2013

I Finally Found Peace...

This one question has bothered me for so long, I don't even know how I could live with myself.
Today, though, I have found my piece. I have made a life changing decision. 
Oh, yes, in the difficulty that is ebook vs. "real" book, I have ventured over to the dark side of computer technology.

The funny thing is, the Queen of argumentation and diplomacy (that would be me, in case you got confused there) has exactly one argument that beats the fantastic smell of new and old books, the way the pages feel when you turn them and the look of book spines on your shelf: community.

Let's be honest here. How often (in a day) do you read something in a book and you just want to get up and tell the whole world about this amazing character, a fantastic quote or something else you just LOVED. And how often, especially in YA, do you then give up and turn to the next page because you realize noone in the radius of 100 miles even cares about why Jace is the hottest Shadowhunter you will ever find in the fictional world? 
If you're anything like me, that happens all the time.

As I was devouring my new favorite book of the year, Fangirl, today (very oblivious to the fact that I have 2 essays due in the course of 5 (now 4) days) I noticed something "new" that Amazon has done to their Kindle app. I  have actually no idea how new it is. Might be that I just missed it because it's been a while since I read an ebook. But what they've done is this: every time you come across a sentence loads of people have marked, it is marked in your book. 
At first, it wasn't a big deal. THEN, though, I started getting SO excited whenever I noticed something further down the page was underlined. Because it meant some amazing words were about to come to my eyes!!! And the excitement was worth it every. single. time. 
And knowing that other people liked it just as much as I did made me SO happy as I was reading Fangirl!!!

So, yes, this is my ultimate decision. I will, of course, still be buying physical copies of books - no way will I give up on them!!! But I will admit that I have come to prefer ebooks for exactly that quoting reason. I would even go as far as saying it's the first step to making reading a really social activity instead of something you do locked up in your room. I am beyond excited as to what we will be able to do with ebooks in 10/20 years!!!


  1. I just got an eReader too, and hav eto say, I rather like it. I like that when I go back to a book, it's on the page that I left it on. I like the highlighting feature + the ability to look up words immediately.

  2. Right? I just love how light they are and the highlighting feature and how they link to websites and stuff!!!


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