November 10, 2013

NaNoWriMo (yup, caught that bug), Inspiration and Youtube

So, because I clearly have nothing else to do and manage blogging so well and reading - ha, a breeze, these days - and Uni basically doesn't exist, I decided to write a novel in a month.
That logic makes sense to me.
If you have any more specific questions to the whole NaNoWriMo - thing, just comment down below and I might make a post about that. What I'm doing, how I plan on pulling through, my writing experience as a whole...

Right now I'm just going to tell you about a special bit of inspiration - and information - that I found today, which is a Youtube channel. To be exact, it is Ben Kenower's Youtube channel. What he does is just interview a bunch of different authors, and he asks really interesting questions and they give awesome answers :)

I personally think it is - as I said - motivating and interesting to hear how authors work, think, what they do on a daily basis, where "ideas come from" (the infamous question). And not just for NaNoWriMo - people, either. I am pretty sure, everyone's favorite YA author has at least one video featured on this amazing channel!


  1. Hope you have success in completing your book :)!

  2. Wow! A book in a month is certainly ambitious! Good luck!!!

  3. Wow...a novel in a month?
    Don't worry, we're still friends..even if everyone says you're crazy ;)
    Lol jk jk good luck girl I'm happy you're trying something u like!
    -Dee's Reads


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