November 13, 2013

I haven't read very good books this year

This post just came to me as I was scrolling through my goodreads list of read books.
Last year this time around, I was obsessed with reading and the bookish world. The new JK Rowling book had just come out, I remember loving All These Things I've Done (Gabrielle Zevin) shortly after. I know I spend hours in front of our fireplace, curled up devouring Beautiful Chaos. 

I mean, there was also Sweet Evil (Wendy Higgins) which I read for a Read-a-long and hated, but overall, I just really enjoyed reading and I loved most of the books I chose. 
This year went good at the beginning. January and February were packed with good reads  - and then it just went downhill.
Admittedly, school and finals really stressed me out at the time, but I also think that the books I did read weren't really motivating me to pick up the next one. So very few of them really amazed me.

Beautiful Chaos (Caster Chronicles, #3)All These Things I've Done (Birthright, #1)
( These two I can only recommend if you're looking for awesome fall reads!!)

My pickiness is a problem, I know. I wasn't this choosy last year. Back then, my expectations towards books weren't as high. But still. If I were to choose to reread this year's or last year's books - I'd absolutely choose 2012.

What I don't want to say with this post is that this year's releases were worse than last years - they really were not. But I didn't buy a lot of new books, I read mostly older ones.

I just think I choose my books wrong. I have changed so much throughout the last year and I guess I should just start picking the kinds of books the older Booksmartie would like to read.
Born Wicked (The Cahill Witch Chronicles, #1)
(mhm...this one was amazing and I do have the sequel on my shelf...)

So, what do you guys think about my emotional issues? And which books could you recommend to someone like me who is desperate for a real loving relationship with a new book??

Suggestions are not welcome, they are NEEDED!!!

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  1. I don't usually read a lot of new releases until this time of year. Then I just look to the "Best of the Year" lists which have already started to come out - Amazon, Publisher's Weekly & Kirkus Reviews to name a few.


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