November 26, 2013

Top Ten Things I Am Thankful For

1) My Family

My mom, my grandparents, my aunts and uncles, my little brother. For encouraging me and making me the strong, brave and ambitious girl that I am today.

2) My Teachers

This might seem weird, but a lot of the things I have done in my life, that I am proud of, are of academic nature. I love reading and writing and thinking and analysing and when I first went to my highschool I was good at all those things, but not great. I only started being great (well, for highschool levels) when I started learning how to learn, how to not always have the loudest opinion, how to think with structure, how to treat others with care and respect. 
My teachers were a bunch of amazing people and I will never forget how much I learned from them. 

3) Disney

I know, unexpected one. I know, probably not very appropriate.But without their movies, I would never have started to believe that everything is possible. I would have never started dreaming. I would have never gone for my dreams.

4) My math teachers
Because, seriously, that was not an easy journey.

5) J.K. Rowling
For making me believe in fantasies, making me love literature, making me want to be a writer AND being a great role model all at once!

6) Meg Cabot
For making my teenage years bearable. Seriously (even if you never read this), you rock!

7) Sarah Dessen
For making those teenage years bearable when I grew out of the Princess Diaries books.

8) Rainbow Rowell
I actually went back to this list (which was already finished) and edited the post last night, because I finished her book, Fangirl, and it made me see myself in SUCH a new light that I'm sure I'll remember this novel for the rest of my life. 

9) My local library
First, for providing me with books and letting me turn them in late every.single.time until I turned 14. And then they let me volunteer there and I had one of the most rewarding experiences in my life!

10) My old Highschool Librarian
She is hardcore and mean, but man! - I will never, ever return a book late!


  1. I love that you mentioned Disney in here and the reason behind it. Such a great reason as well :)
    MY TTT-

    1. Haha, thank you!!! Apparently lots of people have been influenced by Disney - which is an amazing thing! After all, the world should be full of people who believe in dreams come true!

  2. Great list! You finished Fangirl last night? I almost bought it last night, it's on sale for majorly cheap for the hardcover and I want it so bad! Have you read Elenor and Park? In agent read that yet either but I kinda wanna read Fangirl first ;)

    1. Buy it. Buy it. Seriously, buy it. And no, haven't read Eleanor and Park, but it's only a matter of hours :D Rainbow Rowell is an amazing author (!!!) haven't read something as inspiring in such a long time!!! Buy it. Again: Buy it. Buy, buy, buy, buy it!!!!

  3. YAY DISNEY!!! I'm not the only one!! And I said how weird it was too!!

    Here's my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

    1. Haha, cool!!! I never thought so many people would put Disney on their lists ;D

  4. Ditto for all local libraries. Right now I have a fantastic library system to which I belong - but seriously, anywhere you can borrow books is a gem.

    1. Right? And now, since I moved to the UK, I can even borrow English books!!! Haha, before I always got really annoyed when I found a book I wanted to read, but it wasn't the original!!

  5. I've heard tons of good things about FANGIRL. I think I need to read it and soon!

    1. Nope, not just soon. Right now, really! You need to read it!!! Fangirl really will be my favorite book of the year :) It's awesome!!

  6. Love your Top Ten!! And I, too, am thankful for Rainbow Rowell :).
    Ninja Girl

  7. I've been really curious about Fangirl and JK Rowlings books are what got me into reading :) Great list!

  8. I really miss my high school librarian!

  9. Lovely list! I loved my library as a kid, but for my current taste, they don't carry many books. Still, I have find memories.
    And of course JKR! Love that woman so much...


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