November 05, 2013

I Think I Fell Into a Coma Today...

I had plans for this day, people!
I had goals and ambitions and wonderful things to do and clothing to buy and books to hunt down and I...didn't even get a shower. Shhh! You didn't hear that!

Basically what happened was that I got up all fresh and wakey, wakey. Then I tapped to the kitchen. Then I made this fantastic banana chocolate chip bread. Then I ate it. Then I had breakfast.
Then I decided to crawl back under my blanket and listen to music.
After two hours of doing that I feared the maintenance workers that check every dorm room for not-allowed-kettles - and -candles and take water samples may come in and find me in bed at almost lunch time.
I realized that at 11 it was - actually - almost lunchtime, so I decided to go and roast some veggies and falafel and put them on spinach and call it a meal.

(This was actually really good! I might start eating it everyday until I die)
When that was eaten, my body felt the need to digest it and that obviously works best lying on your stomach so I did just that while reading this new book that I got.

(This picture is not mine, it's from Google because I am feeling lazy today. If you hadn't already noticed...)
When I got bored I listened to music again.

Then I read again.

Then I listened to music again.

Anywhere between then and 5 PM I must have fell into said coma, because I got out of bed and realized that
a) it was dark outside
b) the maintenance guys never came

Dinner was an unrealistically large bowl of oatmeal with half a jar of honey .
Then I facetimed with my mom and she asked me if I was drunk but I think it was just social anxiety, because I hadn't seen human beings all day.
Now it's 8 PM and I have completely and entirely wasted this day.

But, you know what? It feels AMAZING!!!!

Seriously, you should try it. Just do WHATEVER YOU FEEL LIKE for one entire day!

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