November 09, 2013

I Met Veronika Roth and I sort of Didn't Have a Lot to Say

So, I met the bestest author in YA this Wednesday. I, and a whole theater full of booklovers, as well.
On her trip through the UK, she made a stop in London to read a part of one of her short stories from Four's perspective, then answered questions and then the BIG surprise (no, really, it was huge!).

I tried to take pictures with my phone but I'm not exactly a professional. Which means the pictures I did take were super blurry and halfway through, my phone just died.

You might not have seen what the BIG surprise was because my pictures are bad like that, but you should recognize her on these next pictures...

Okay, still nothing? Let's see...

Yeah, turns out some people know how to take decent pictures.... :)
They did a little interview-thingy together that was really interesting to watch and towards the end they showed us the teaser trailer for the Divergent movie which I hadn't seen before and I LOVED it! I personally think it looks really promising!

And I took about a million pictures of the signature, because I COULDN'T RUIN THIS PICTURE, TOO!

As she was signing the books most people asked her questions or talked to her and I oh, well...couldn't think of anything at all to say! Yeah, pretty embarassing. I was just fevereshly thinking of a good question to ask, but I couldn't think of something she hadn't already talked about on her blog/interviews etc. so instead of asking her one of the normal questions everybody asks, I just didn't say anything at all.
Yeah, I know. Let's just don't even....
But the signing was amazing!!! It was my first time meeting ANY kind of author, but I will definitely be on the lookout for more!! 


  1. Awh that is so cool! :) I am so jealous!
    We will definitely have talks about Allegiant, when I get to it. I have a deal with a friend we'll start together so I have to wait a bit thought... :)
    I am going to Patrick Ness' signing next week! It's only the second famous guy in Slovenia, first was GRRM a few yrs back. It was amazing.

  2. How fun! I have yet to meet any super famous authors, but I'm sure my mind would go blank, too. I haven't seen this movie poster yet. I love it. I love Shailene Woodley--I hope that's how you spell her name. She looks awesome here. Congrats on your signed copy!


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